Main Characters: Sutton Price, Alex Crossman

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Alex is the first book on Sawyer Bennett’s Cold Fury Hockey series. Reading this book, I felt that there were good moments, but all in all, it was just ordinary.

First off, this is another insta-love kin of story. They meet and BAM! they could no longer stop thinking about each other. Also, I think Alex was just another one of those typical playboys who went through a steady stream of replaceable women until he met Sutton. He’s the best hockey player in the team, but he hates hockey. Wait, he is also a victim of a ba childhood courtesy of his alcoholic, abusive father who pushed him too hard just so he’d be a star hockey player.

Sutton, on the other hand, also comes from a bad childhood. He father was a drug addict who physically hurt her. According to her, her mom loved her very much. How unfortunate was it that when her father was abusing her that her mom was not around? And her mom didn’t know? And she tried to protect her father? And they got away eventually and her mom remarried, this time to a great guy? Oh, come on!

Another thing I did not enjoy in the book is the fact that their relationship was dragged. However, when Alex broke up with Sutton and up to the point where he tried to win her back, well, it all happened so quick. I just felt like the ending was written in haste and was not as well thought up as the rest of the book. I’m still giving this book three red hearts because there were parts that I liked.

The only things I enjoyed were her younger brother, Garrett, and the last part where Alex copied what Adam Lincoln did in Love, Actually. Those would have been the highlights. Everthing else was just meh. The second book in the series will be about Garrett, and going by how fun Garrett was in this book, I’m hoping his book will be much better than this one right here. I’m going to rate this book two red hearts. I’m sorry to the fans who will disagree with me, but hey, I’m just writing from the way I see things, anyway.



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