Main Characters: Grace Kinsella, Vaughn Asher

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“Did you drug me?” He laughs. “Drug you? How in the world would I have drugged you, Grace? Jesus. A little faith. I’m not a kidnapper, for fuck’s sake. I’m just a kinky bastard who wants to get laid. And I want to do that with you tonight. Stop thinking so hard.”


This book didn’t quite do it for me in the beginning. First, we have a movie star hero who was introduced as a jerk of a dom. Then, we have a heroine with a troubled past who clearly does not want to make up her own mind. Personally, that combination spells as disaster. You’d be surprised at how things turn out, though.

The first part of their romance was a BDSM kind of relationship that didn’t really quite get there because the heroine was very strong willed even if the hero was very persistent. I didn’t like what Vaughn did to Grace when they were with his family. I mean, come on, bringing a girl to meet your folks that way does not make for a good first impression.

Grace, on the other hand, is annoying. Yes, we get that she had a difficult past, but how does letting Vaughn get away with things help you in any way? If what he wanted was too much for her and was too close to what happened to her in the past, then she should have walked away and held her ground from the very beginning. But no. It was also obvious that she got excited by his dominance. And if that was the case, then she should also have worn big girl panties and stood by her decision. Again, no. She wanted to have her choices taken from her, so she can convince herself that things were forced on her.

I am rating this book four red hearts. I get that this is only a first book in the series, which means that maybe the author had a reason for introducing the characters this way. However, I personally think that the first book could have been much better if this was a precedent of things to come in the next installments. There were parts I didn’t like, but I am giving this book a high rating because the author did a great job of hooking me in, and making me crave for the next installment right away. I will read on and hope that the next ones will be more exciting and fun.

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