Main Characters: Ramie St. Clair, Caleb Devereaux

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Nothing is more dangerous than falling in love. . . .


Okay, so maybe I had very high expectations for this book. It’s just that Maya Banks has been on my list for a while now, so I was really thinking that this book was going to be the bomb.

It did bomb, though, just not the good way. I am still going to rate this book three red hearts because there were parts of it that I enjoyed. However, this is far from what I’ve anticipated all along.

The hero, Caleb, is the typical head of the family. After forcing Ramie to help him in finding his kidnapped sister, he spends the next year searching for the psychic because he felt guilty when he saw what she had to endure just to help him and all those families that came before him.

Ramie started our as a damsel in distress. As a psychic, no one knew about the things she went through when she had to establish a connection with the victims, so she can help find them. She is also on the run from a killer who got away and has been stalking her ever since.

The chemistry between Caleb and Ramie was insta-love. One minute, she was running away from him and everybody else, the next minute, they were already in a relationship and professing their love for each other. However, because I am a fan of happily-ever-afters, I am still glad that Caleb and Ramie were able to work through the challenges they faced.

The things I loved about this book are the connections that Ramie had with the killer. It was written in a way that was both scary and thrilling. I also enjoyed the twist about the killer using Caleb and controlling his mind. Yes, that was a sad part, but it was a very wicked twist, one that I did not see coming.

You see, after this disappointment, I will still say that I am a Maya Banks fan. She writes erotic books that are sometimes suspenseful, sometimes incredible but are alway, without fail, enjoyable. That’s why while I personally rate this book a three, I will still recommend Maya Banks to anyone who ever asks.

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