Main Characters: Grace Kinsella, Vaughn Asher

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“I will be yours if you’ll be mine.”


This second book in J. A. Huss’ Social Media series is an improvement from the first book. In Follow, I was a bit doubtful on the chemistry between Vaughn Asher and Grace Kinsella. However, in this book, I quite enjoyed the chase.

Vaughn is now shown as a normal person when Felicity was introduced. I liked how protective and proprietary he was about her and that they have a very good relationship even if they were not related by blood. It proves that family is not always about biology.

Grace is also started being fun in this book. Yes, she is still technically the same heroine who can’t seem to make up her mind. However, in this book, we start to understand where she is coming from and we also get a glimpse of her insecurities.

I will give this book four red hearts because I liked all the new developments that were introduced. I think by now, I’m sure that I will enjoy the third installment all the more. I’m glad that even if I was disappointed with Follow, I still decided to continue reading the series. This book right here was really a great payback.




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