Main Characters: Grace Kinsella, Vaughn Asher

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“Grace, the princess always survives, and she does that all on her own. Never mind the rescue—the real challenge is surviving long enough for help to arrive.”


Finally. This is the book I’ve been waiting for. After patiently getting through the first book, becoming more drawn in the second book, and being excited in the third book, I finally get the satisfaction I have been looking for after I read Status. Yes, the cliffhanger is frustrating because you need another two weeks before you can finally get your hands on the fifth book. And even then, you’d need another two weeks for the final installment.

I enjoyed the hell out of this book. I liked the things Vaughn did to get to Grace. I liked that he asked help from his brother even if they bickered a lot. I liked that they were both protective of their sister, Sam. I liked how they worked hard on finding a way to save both Sam and Grace. I also liked how Kristi’s story was played out.

I also loved that Grace was now working on being brave enough to face her demons. That impromptu interview she did was perfect, and I did not expect her to do something like that. I also loved that she turned to Vaughn to help her, just the way he wanted her to. Most of all, I definitely loved it that Grace and Vaughn were able to spend a good amount of time together without fighting. Like all the fans and readers of this book, the scenes in Vaughn’s house are treasured moments that we’ve all been waiting for.

I am giving this book five red hearts. It’s got everything you need in a book, romance, drama, suspense, development. When Grace went up the roof to meet with Vaughn it only showed how much she actually felt for him because despite the fact that she was so angry about the marriage thing, she still decided to talk to him. And because of that, she gave us all a cliffhanger that we all can’t way to read about. I cannot wait to start reading Profile. My review of the next book should be up on the site in the next few days. I am hoping the next book will be just as compelling.

“I realize something—fuck that fantasy. Because my reality rocks.”

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“No, sweets. She understands how I feel about you, even if you don’t just yet. I know that last night we were playing a little game with the word like, but I don’t just like you, Grace. I’m falling in love with you. I am, I can’t help it. I’m falling in love with you and I need you to just stop blocking me and keep an open mind.”





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