Main Characters: Nora Leston, Julian Esguerra

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“The devil does indeed wear a beautiful mask.”


Dark erotica has never been my favorite. However, I have to say that Twist Me got me glued to its pages until the very end. If I had to recommend a dark erotica novel, I’d mention this book in a heart beat.

When I first read the synopsis, I thought to myself that this was another of those rape/abduction fantasies that was just a poor excuse for writing about rough sex. I was proven wrong.

As the story progressed, I found my self more and more intrigued over what was going to happen. The author did a good job of narrating the details, the events and everything else that was going on with Nora.

Julian was both a dark man who had very little redeeming qualities and a man who was so obsessed with Nora that it was incredible. The fact that he kidnapped her and forced her to do many things a man in a normal relationship wouldn’t ask a woman to do may turn off some people. However, if you are not faint hearted, you will enjoy this story until the end.

You will be surprised to find yourself rooting for Nora and Julian instead of cringing everytime you remember that he kidnapped her, took her away from her family, and threatened her friends as well.

As someone who is not a fan of dark fiction, I would gladly rate his book five red hearts because this book surprised me and took me into a journey that involved kidnapping, a beach in a private island, torture, moving on, and falling in love. While this is not your usual love story, this is how I like my dark erotica. It wasn’t too hopeless or crude or brutal. It was bordering on those premises, but, as a reader, you would also know that despite all the transgressions, there was a happy ending to look forward to.


“It’s not the sweet, tender kind of love I always dreamed of, but it’s love. Dark, twisted, and obsessive, it’s both a compulsion and an addiction.”



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“We look at each other–predator and prey, the conqueror and the conquered–and in that moment, I feel an odd sort of connection to him. Like a part of myself is forever altered by what’s happening between us.”

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