Main Characters: Jeanie Shiver, True

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“There is always that one spark that gives hope for better things when life is bad.”


I thoroughly enjoy the New Species series. While this is so much like Lora Leigh’s Breeds, I still find that I enjoy the New species more. I think it’s because the books are more romantic than hard core erotica.

The sex scenes are gentle, more loving. Sometimes, on the Breeds books, the sex is too… I don’t really know which word to use, except that some of them are not really to m liking. Anyway, enough of the comparison. Both series are great and the characters are great.

This 11th book about True is a good come back after several boring books. While the general plot is similar to Fury and Ellie (being that Jeannie Shivers used to work for the testing labs and that True thought she was an enemy at first), there were twists and interesting turns to the story that still set it apart from the rest of the books in the series.

As a hero, True is surprisingly not as dominant or unreasonable as some of the species in other books. He is very likeable. Jeannie, on the other hand is loyal and brave. All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It’s a good thing that this book was as good as it is because it seems that the books after the first four became a downward spiral. This book on True just shot the series back to the top for me.

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