Title: Beneath This Mask

Author: Meghan March

Series: Beneath Book 1

Publication Date: September 29, 2014


Main Characters: Charlotte Agoston/Charlie Stone, Simon Duchesne


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ContemporaryNew Adult


Sex Scenes:

Fiery Passion




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My name is Charlotte Agoston, and I’m a runner. Not the ‘let’s go for a jog and slap a 26.2 sticker on your bumper’ kind of runner; I’m the kind of runner who takes off when her father is staring down the barrel of a guilty verdict that carries a 175-year sentence for perpetrating the largest fraud in the history of the world. That’s right. Bernie Madoff was an amateur compared to Alistair Agoston.

Faced with living under a cloud of suspicion and constant questioning by the FBI, I ran. I’m making a new life in New Orleans as Charlie Stone. I traded my future in New York high finance for tattoos, booze, a few friends who don’t ask questions, and one giant mutt named Huckleberry Finn. Everything is simple and uncomplicated until Simon Duchesne—former hotshot Navy fighter pilot, NOLA’s favorite son, city councilman, and rumored congressional hopeful—walks into my life.

The flashing cameras he attracts threaten to expose everything I’m hiding, but I can’t seem to stay away. Why are the most dangerous ideas always the most seductive?

In trying to get lost, I found myself. And then I found Simon. He loves me, and he doesn’t even know my real name. I’m going to break his heart, but mine will shatter right along with it. This is our story.

Will we be strong enough to face the consequences of revealing what’s beneath this mask?


When I first read the synopsis for this book, I became interested right away. I liked the premise of a girl running away from a scandalous family. I liked that it’s set in New Orleans. It’s just that lots of books are either set in New York, Los Angeles, or some small towns. I don’t get to read many books set in New Orleans.

I am going to give this book three red hearts. I liked it and enjoyed reading the entire book. I liked Simon. His character was well-written and consistent. He knew how to balance his relationship, career, and family. He was also brave enough to get help with his nightmares, which, for me, is a sign of a mature person.

I wasn’t too sold with Charlie. I don’t know how to explain it. I just felt like there was something lacking there. I couldn’t feel her. I thought her feelings for Simon were difficult to believe. I also couldn’t really understand her character. I felt that it was inconsistent at times. I liked her a little but not as much as I liked Simon.

Another part of the novel that I enjoyed was when Charlie went back to New York and surrendered to the FBI. It wasn’t written as a glamorous form of penance. Instead, Charlie was thrown in prison and had to endure weeks of being isolated. I liked that part because it gave her a chance to think things through. I also liked the closure she got by talking to her mother and visiting her father and even when she visited their former cook.

The best part is also the ending, where Simon thought that Charlie chose to not come back to New Orleans but was, in reality, having a hell of a time with her delayed flights and missed connections. I liked the fact that Charlie was the one who came to Simon this time, after having Simon chase after her for most of the book. I’m excited for the second book in the series because it’s Con’s story, and if it’s going to be anything near how amazing he was in this first book, I’m sure the second book will be super fun as well.



Meghan March is a Michigan native who has spent a good portion of her life buried in a book. Case in point: she read the entire romance section of her small town public library by age fourteen. Even after growing up (sort of) and getting a law degree, she never lost her passion for a great story, twisty plot, epic romance, and amazing characters. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, target shooting, drooling over fast cars, or playing with her crazy mutt.





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