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“Just tell him to keep his hands to himself and his python in his pants.”


This series intrigued the hell out of me. I kind of enjoy reading sci-fi romance. It must be noted that Lauran Dohner’s Justice from her New Species series is actually one of my favorite books, and when I say favorite, I mean the five red hearts kind of thing. Aside from that I’ve also read books from authors like Eve Langlais, who specialize in that genre. Needless to say, I picked this book and decided to start the series.

I found it as an overall entertaining read. It combined vampire, menage, and shapeshifter fantasies in one whole story. That’s because the alien beings called the Kindred had three types. Those three types describe the three fantasies that I just mentioned. I just found it a really smart idea that the author created this series that sort of featured three very popular settings in the romance genre.

Story-wise, it was a great book. Olivia and Baird may have that relationship that oozed with tension what with Olivia being very determined to resist Baird and hr growing attraction for him. In this book, I liked the hero more. I think Olivia behaved like a child for more than half of the book. Baird, on the other hand, was very patient, even sweet.

What I also enjoyed was the obvious sequel that would be about Olivia’s sister, Sophia, and Baird’s brother, Sylvan. I like the fact that the author teased us with great secondary characters without taking our attention off of the main ones. I also kind of got hooked in reading about what was going to happen to the Scourge.

Overall, I think this book deserves four red hearts because I definitely had a good time reading it. It was a sci-fi romance, but it was not too exaggerated for me to lose interest. It was a love story, but it was not too cheesy. The book had the right mi of romance, adventure, and science fiction. Also, this book has helped me decide in continuing on with the rest of the books in this series.




“Put your currency where your oral cavity is.”

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