Title: Fight For Her, Volume I

Author: JJ Knight

Series: Uncaged Love Book 6

Publication Date: October 17, 2014


Main Characters: Maddie, Parker


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ContemporaryNew Adult


Sex Scenes:

Fiery Passion



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What do you do when you’ve just lost everything?

You fight.

For four years, I’ve been punching and kicking my way through hundreds of unworthy MMA opponents.

For four years, I’ve kept seeing her face. Maddie’s face. My one great love.

After a brutal cage match that sent me to the ER, Maddie took off across the country. Six months pregnant. She left to have my baby as far from me as she could. No more violence, she said. No fighting.

I had to live with it. I had no choice.

But last night I got a phone call from my little girl, asking me to come to her fourth birthday party. Her friends all have daddies, she said. Would I be hers?

Damn right I will.

I decide that when I get to New York, I’m not going to care about Maddie. I’m not going to even look at her.

But I do. And the moment I see her again, I know one thing is true.

This ain’t over.


Fight For Her Volume I is a good introduction to what would be an action-filled serial for characters Maddie and Parker. At first, I was hesitant to start reading their story because I’m not really a fan of MMA. However, I decided to pick it up and read because I like broadening my horizons, and this sure was a way to do that.

I’m glad I decided to read it after all. The book is written in Parker’s POV, which is, of course, how it should be, considering that this series and this particular serial is about MMA fighters. I liked the way Parker processes things in his mind.

Another great thing about the book was the daughter, Lily. That kid was just great. What adult, in their right mind, would ever be able to say no to a girl like that, much less stay away? And if you were that girl’s parent, you’d certainly do everything you can just so you won’t have to spend a single day away from her. That’s exactly what Parker is trying to do. Aside from that, he is also trying to win back Maddie, the woman he loves.

The book ends with Maddie watching Parker’s fight again after they have reconciled, a fight whichc is about to end badly. Personally, I think this was too short for a usual serial. I’ve read serials which were longer and where a lot more things happened in one chapter. However, all in all, Fight For Her is an enjoyable read, one that will make readers look forward to the next volumes and wait excitedly for Parker and Maddie’s happy ending with Lily.



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