Main Characters: Grace Kinsella, Vaughn Asher

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“There’s no paper or vow in this world that can surpass what the universe has declared to be true.”


This is how you end a serial. Seriously. When I first started reading Follow, I thought I was disappointed. It sounded so promising that I could not believe that the hero was a jerk and the heroine was a looney. However, I decided to continue on and see it through the end. Best decision ever.

As the next books followed, the storyline started making sense, started really getting me hooked. I would excitedly wait for the two weeks where the next book comes out. Then, the first chance I get, I read it right away and put it up on the blog. I started loving Vaughn and Grace for the imperfect people that they were.

I liked how JA Huss created imperfect characters who both had flaws but came out victorious in their endeavors. I liked that even with all the drama that was being written, it was still evident that Grace and Vaughn really loved each other. I also liked that both of their pasts were given closure. I also liked that even with everything going on, there were still secondary characters who weren’t written just to complete the story but were also integral to the whole plot and also affected either Grace’s or Vaughn’s life in a major way.

What started out as a simple love story with kinks and erotic scenes became a complete package that had suspense, action, drama and amazing romance. Plus, to cap all those off, everything ended with a wonderful happily-ever-after. What more could any reader ask for, right?

I am giving this book five red hearts for obvious reasons. However, I also have to say that even if I did not personally like this book, it still deserves the highest rating because it was one hell of a ride and any person who reads books 1-6 would definitely be taken on a journey about two people who met by chance and found salvation and happiness in each other. The whole story shows us that while everybody has a past that affects us and sometimes becomes the rope that ties us and prevents us from moving forward, we all will find something magical in our future that will become the key to us being able to face our demons and move to the light. It’s not always going to be in the face of romantic love, sometimes it’s a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger. But no matter what, life always gives us something to push us forward when the time is right.

“I don’t want to leave you. I love you. I married you. I want to fuck you and boss you around and make you have my babies. I want to keep you forever. You’re the one who’s got one foot out the door. I want you to commit, Grace. And the first step is to submit.”

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