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“Do you love me Hero?” His pale green eyes were full of torment. “Do you love me like I love you?”


Hero Batten was introduced in the first book as a kind aristocrat who helped Temperance and was nice to her, despite the fact that she was not of their station. Since then, I have looked forward to when she’d get her own story.

Hero here is engaged to Thomas. There was no love between the two of them, but Hero has already surrendered the way things are in the nobility. People did not marry for love back then. What was important was what two people and their families could get out of the whole marriage.

Griffin, on the other hand, was a total rake. He sleeps with women, some of them married. He lives the carefree life, or so everyone thinks. What they don’t know is that he was the one who has made it possible for their family to avoid being bankrupt. He owned a gin still. He made and sold gin, what was considered to be London’s number one cause of slow destruction.

Hero and Griffin were explosive together. Unfortunately, Hero’s brother, the Duke of Wakefield, was the champion of everything against the manufacture and distribution of gin. What I enjoyed most about this book was the conversations between Griffin and Hero. It was clear from their talks how much they were into each other.

I also liked how Hero stood up for Griffin in the end, to the point of going to him despite the dangers, just so she could save him from her brother. It was so sweet because prior to that, she was the one who rejected Griffin when he asked her to marry him and chose to stick to her engagement with his brother, instead. While she had her reasons for doing so, it still made us, readers, feel Griffin’s heartbreak.

I’m really loving this series. I fin myself excited to read about the individual stories of the secondary characters being mentioned in the books. I’m glad I found Elizabeth Hoyt’s books because I feel like I’ve just found a new favorite author for this genre.



“You say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet. I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth. I want to possess you utterly. Right now. Right here.”

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