Main Characters: Ash, Beau “Krypt” Dawson

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“When I fuck, I like to fuck with a raw ferocity most women can’t handle. I don’t make love. I want you up against a wall, my hands tangled in your hair while my cock is driving in and out of you. My hands won’t be gentle; my cock won’t be gentle; and baby,” he growls, “I won’t be fuckin’ gentle.”


I love biker romance. I think that if you’ve read or followed my reviews, you’d already know that fact. There is just something about that subculture that is appealing to me. It’s not because of Sons of Anarchy. In fact, I am not even one of the show’s biggest fans. Sure, I watch it. However, I don’t necessarily follow it.

I don’t know what it is about biker romance that I find entertaining to read. Maybe it’s the fact that they seem to belong to another society. Maybe it’s the brotherhood. Maybe it’s the thin line between rebel and heroes. Maybe it’s the dark circumstances that seem to surround these novels. Whatever it is, I’d choose biker romance out of any kind of romance subgenre in a heartbeat.

This book, though, I did not quite enjoy it as I hoped I would. The last book I read from Bella Jewel was about modern day pirates, and I found that surprisingly enjoyable. Maybe I had high expectations. Maybe I was really looking at an impossible standard. Any way I say it, though, this book only gets three red hearts from me.

The first thing I did not like about this book was the Krypt. He is just a jerk. He is an asshole. I mean, what was that shit with Penny? Clearly, he could not even stand up for Ash. Also, he acted like a selfish caveman all the time they were in the hideout, even when the other club members arrived. If there is something that turns me off, it’s when the hero is more possessive than in love. There’s cute jealousy and sweet caveman possessiveness. There’s also the selfish kind of possessiveness.

I liked Ash. In the first few chapters, I felt that she totally kicked ass. She went downhill for me as soon as she had sex with Krypt. The rough sex was great. Actually, every sex scene was great. However, when Ash sort of lost her individuality trying to win Krypt and get him to stand up for her, I lost interest in her as well.

Okay, enough of the rants. I may have decided not to follow this series for now. However, I am still all for reading books from Bella Jewel. She has other MC books that may be better for me. I’m just a bit disappointed with this book because the blurbs seemed so great. I wish the story made a great follow through as well. I’ll probably check back with this series in the future, who knows. I love Bella Jewel, so I will definitely be on the lookout for her other books.



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