Title: Scandalous Desires

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Series: Maiden Lane Book 3

Publication Date: October 24, 2011

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Main Characters: Silence Hollingbrook, Mickey O’Connor/Michael Rivers


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Historical Romance


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Intensely Hot!




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Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman’s heart?

Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished, lovely, and kind—and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake. She went to a river pirate for help in saving her husband and in the process made a bargain that cost her her marriage. That night wounded her so terribly that she hides in the foundling home she helps run with her brother. Except now that same river pirate is back . . . and he’s asking for her help.

“Charming” Mickey O’Connor is the most ruthless river pirate in London. Devastatingly handsome and fearsomely intelligent, he clawed his way up through London’s criminal underworld. Mickey has no use for tender emotions like compassion and love, and he sees people as pawns to be manipulated. And yet he’s never been able to forget the naive captain’s wife who came to him for help—and spent one memorable night in his bed… talking.

When his bastard baby girl was dumped in his lap—her mother having died—Mickey couldn’t resist the Machiavellian urge to leave the baby on Silence’s doorstep. The baby would be hidden from his enemies and he’d also bind Silence to him by her love for his daughter.


This book is my favorite in the series, so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story of Silence and the dashing pirate Charming Mickey O’Connor. I’m going to give this five red hearts not because I like reading about pirates but mainly because I liked how their story was told and how they have evolved into the people they are in the book from when they were introduced in the first book.

Silence was first introduced as a young wife who was happily married to a seafarer until her husband’s ship’s cargo all got stolen and the ship’s owner was accusing him of being in cahoots with the thief. The loyal wife went to the pirate himself to plead her husband’s cause. The pirate, who cared not about the wife’s plight, made a bargain with her. To everybody, including her husband did not believe her when she insisted that nothing happened between her and the pirate.

Mickey O’Connor left his baby in front of Silence’s doorstep, and for a time, Silence took care of the baby and loved the child as her own. When her husband died at sea, the child was what kept her going. When Mickey kidnapped the child because his enemies already knew about the baby, Silence did not hesitate to stay with the pirate just so she can still be with the baby.

What I enjoyed most about the book was how love grew between Silence and Mickey. I enjoyed how she was the only one who really knew Mickey and bothered to really get to know him as well. Theirs was not a love that was instant. Their connection was instant, yes, but chemistry and love are two different things. For Silence and Mickey, they both had to work on their issues before they were able to have their HEA.

I think this book has everything on it. Family, love, revenge, scandal, and red-hot romance. Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire also made an appearance. The Ghost of St. Giles also saved the day when he freed Mickey from his public execution and earned for himself the people’s ire. It is indeed a delightfully entertaining book that I would be more than happy to recommend to anyone.



Elizabeth was born in New Orleans but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was fortunate to be able to travel extensively as a child, visiting St. Andrews, Scotland; Germany; France; and Belgium. She spent a year in Oxford, England and was a summer exchange student to Kawasaki, Japan.

Elizabeth has a BA in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and, as a result of having no clue what to do with her life thereafter, a career history as a barista, a (terrible) sales clerk, a Wisconsin Revenue Service data entry slave, and an archeological field work grunt. Fortunately, Elizabeth married relatively young and produced two children who kept her busy until her mid-thirties. At about this time, when her youngest was entering Kindergarten, Elizabeth’s mother hinted that perhaps Elizabeth should get a Real Job.

Sadly, Elizabeth was so delusional she thought writing a romance novel might qualify as a Real Job.

But! Five years later, to everyone’s surprise, she actually sold that romance novel (The Raven Prince) and began a rather successful career as a Romance Novelist. This was most fortunate since Elizabeth is singularly unqualified to do anything else but Make Up Stories.

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