Title: Strangers

Author: Barbara Elsborg

Publication Date: November 1, 2009

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.

Main Characters: Katie Snow, Charlie Storm


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Erotic RomanceContemporary


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Intensely Hot!



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Kate Snow’s had enough of bad boys until a one-way swim in the ocean puts her on a collision course with a man she can’t resist. Charlie Storm has turned being a bad boy into an art form. Already a famous pop star, mega-success in the movie business beckons until his inner demons send him spiraling out of control and right out to sea. The last thing he expects to do before he dies is crash into a suicidal woman. When the worlds of these two strangers collide, their lives take an upward twist. In surviving the waves, they find they can’t stand to be apart, in or out of bed. Kate seizes a chance for happiness, seeing in Charlie a man she can finally trust to love her. Charlie can’t let go of Kate because she’s the only woman able to see the man he wants to be. But the price of fame is high and when the world wants to drive them apart, life only seems safe in Kate’s bed.


This book is an emotional roller coaster. First, I felt so sorry for Kate. For Charlie, well, not so much. It’s different when people play with your emotions the way Richard did with Kate. On Charlie’s case, he was the problem. His guilt, his issues, his insecurity. Well, hello, you’re not alone in the world, Charlie.

Then, I find it redeeming on his part that he worked so hard when it came to his relationship with Kate. And yes, you can understand his obsession with her. Kate, at this point, surprisingly became the rock that held Charlie together. Of course, she had issues of her own, but as it was said in the book, Charlie’s need for her gave her no time to think about her misery.

Just when I was starting to like Charlie, he had to be the bad guy and ruin everything. Kate did her part in ruining the relationship by running away, but, come one, Charlie did worse things.

Still, I really enjoyed the book because it told a story of how two lost souls can heal each other. And the way I see it, there is a point to helping people who need help. It leaves you no room for self-pity or self indulgence. It humbles you when you see and meet people who’ve have it worse that you and still come out fighting.

So while I may not rate this book a perfect 5, this is definitely part of my favorites list.


Barbara Elsborg lives in West Yorkshire in the north of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.

After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.

Her books feature quirky heroines and bad boys, and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they are to write.


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