Main Characters: Gretchen Petty, Hunter Buchanan

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“I just wanted you to know that it’s not you. It’s me. It’s all me, and if I push you away it’s because I don’t know how to pull you close. I’m not . . . I’m not good with people.”


The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society of six men who have vowed success—at any cost. Not all of them are old money, but all of them are incredibly wealthy. They’re just not always as successful when it comes to love…

Real-estate tycoon Hunter Buchanan has a dark past that’s left him scarred and living as a recluse on his family’s palatial estate. Hunter is ready to give up on love—until he spots an enigmatic red-haired beauty and comes up with an elaborate scheme to meet her.

Gretchen Petty is in need of a paycheck—and a change. So when a job opportunity in an upstate New York mansion pops up she accepts. And while she can overlook the oddities of her new job, she can’t ignore her new boss’s delectable body—or his barely leashed temper.

Hunter’s afraid his plan might be unraveling before it’s truly begun, but Gretchen is about to show him that life can be full of surprises…


My favorite fairy tale has always been Beauty And The Beast. Not because of my name, mind you. It’s my favorite because it tells us that beneath all the beastly masks that people wear, is a prince, or a princess, who is worthy of love and acceptance. It tells us that sometimes, the most unlovable people are the ones who need love the most.

Beauty And The Billionaire is by all means my favorite fairy tale. It may also be my favorite book in the series. Hunter Buchanan is the beast. He is the scarred hero who had to live his life with the scars of his past. He was kidnapped as a child. His father did not care about him or about paying the ransom money. Because he wanted to live, he fought for himself and found a way to escape, only to meet an accident far worse than death itself. An accident that destroyed his face, almost left him for dead, and scarred his body and his soul for the rest of his life.

Gretchen was the beauty. She was a ghostwriter who did not enjoy writing and saw it as a job, a means to pay off her bills. She was the beauty who fell in love with the beast that was Hunter. She was the one who saw past his scars and enjoyed spending time with him, watching him with his beloved roses and teaching him the ways of sensual pleasure. She was the beauty that changed him, that made him happy.

I love this book because I love both the hero and the heroine. Hunter was this tortured hero who had so much more to him but was scared of rejection. He was an amazing guy who may have had his faults but there was never any doubt about how much he loved Gretchen. He may have started their relationship on a lie, but apart from that, everything he showed her was real. It was also understandable that there were a lot of times when he did not kow what to do and handled things the wrong way. I could let those times go because I can only imagine how difficult normalcy may have been for him, after he got his scars and all that.

I also loved Gretchen. She was smart, funny, and kind. She had a hard time letting down a friend who was in love with her because she did not want to hurt him, even if things were already awkward for her. She was patient with the rude butler. She tried to get everyone together. She wanted to show Hunter that his looks did not matter to her.

I am really glad that this book was able to retell an age old favorite in a way that was modern and contemporary. It was relatable. It was also enjoyable. I am giving this book five red hearts because of all the fun, good times that I’ve had while I was reading it.




Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Stranded With A Billionaire

Book 2 – Beauty And The Billionaire

Book 3 – The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed

Book 4 – Once Upon A Billionaire

Book 5 – Romancing The Billionaire

Book 6 – One Night With A Billionaire




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