Main Characters: Elizabeth “Liz” Darnell, Gavin Riley

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“I think you’re worth fighting for, Elizabeth. Even if I’m fighting you for you.”


This book started out difficult for me to read because the heroine, Elizabeth, was such a bitch in the first book who went as far as using a minor in getting what she wanted, which was to drive a wedge between Tara and Mick. I don’t like people who take advantage of children, especially when it’s for a completely personal and sefish gain. That’s why I really didn’t think I’d like this book at all.

However, because I really enjoyed the first book, I decided to be brave and start reading Elizabeth and Gavin’s story. I have to say that I did not regret that decision at all. Even if I started out with huge doubts, I found that Elizabeth more than redeemed herself in this book. She apologized to Tara and Nathan. She also tried hard to avoid Mick and just let him be annoyed with her for as long as he needed to be. Mick was kind of an asshole in this book, but since we all know that he was a great person who was just hurt and betrayed, we get why it took him longer than everybody else to move on and forgive Elizabeth.

Gavin, while he was younger was Liz, was the mature one in the relationship. I mean, that’s not a surprise because even if he may have had hardships in life, he had a wonderfully supportive family who never failed to make all three of them – Mick, Gavin, and Jenna- into better people.

I like the way that everybody’s conflict was resolved. I liked that scene when Mick went to see Liz and they patched things up. I like what Gavin did to win her back. I like the friendship that has developed between Tara and Liz despite what happened to them in the past. To be fair, Tara was always the nicer person, not begrudging Liz when she was being a bitch and quickly forgiving Liz after what happened.

I am going to give this book four red hearts as well. One red heart is for Gavin, because he may have been a jerk, but he was a man, and he faced the consequences. He even did not blame Mick and admitted that he should have listened to Liz and should have been more careful of her feelings. One heart is for Liz, for redeeming herself and working hard and accomplishing a great life all on her own. One heart is for Tara and the rest of the Rileys because they’re the best kind of clan to have on your side. The last part is for the hot sex scenes because nobody writes them the way Jaci Burton does.




“Men are obtuse. You have to beat them over the head with a frying pan to get them to notice things.”

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