Main Characters: Haley Wells, Bentley Knight

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I read Falling for Bentley because this was the book that I got to pick from my TBR jar. I tried scanning through the Goodreads reviews and saw some great things that people had to say about it. I still wasn’t expecting much, though. For one, this plot has been used and abused by too many books before. High school jock being an ass to the heroine and then falling in love with her years after, not knowing that she has been in love with him for long as well.

I’m going to give this book three red hearts because it was an overall okay kind of book, but it wasn’t my kind of book. There were just too many errors in the editing part that I could not overlook. Also, I felt like this book introduced each character individually in a good way but failed to establish a good connection between the hero and the heroine.

Come to think about it, when did they really try to get to know each other? They only had the rainy day to spend with each other. If they hadn’t known each other in high school, this book would have that insta-love factor that I’m not always a fan of. I didn’t feel like either of the main characters made an effort to get to know each other and the kind of people they were in the present.

Sure, we all know Bentley sacrificed what would have been a promising career to help out at his parents’ farm. Sure, we know that Haley has tried to move past being the “thunder thighs” that she was in high school. But I don’t remember the hero and the heroine really trying to understand each other and the things that drive them.



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