Main Characters: Haley Wells, Bentley Knight

Contemporary RomanceNew AdultFiery Passion



Just as I thought, this third book in was completely unnecessary. At this point in the story, Haley and Bentley are busy planning their wedding and making sure that they still find time for each other, on top of being parents to their son.

There was no conflict anywhere except for the fact that Bentley was too busy with working as a coach and helping out at the farm as well. That’s not surprising. Surely, that detail could have just been mentioned and resolved in a few chapters or it could have been showed that Haley and Bentley were strong enough both on their own and as a couple to be able to face challenges such as that.

I feel like if the whole serial was one complete book, the last installment would have made a great epilogue. You know, where readers already know that there is a happily ever after but still want to see how the hero and heroine get their fairy tale ending. There wasn’t anything to look forward to in this book.

Having said all of that, I am still giving this book three red hearts because I love happy endings. I love books where not only the main characters are happy but everybody else as well. I like stories where there is family involved, not just friends. I like festivities, and I like weddings. I just feel like the my enjoyment of this story was divided into three incomplete parts instead of giving it to me completely all at once.



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