Main Characters: Elizabeth Riley, Gavin Riley

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I am only going to give this novella three red hearts because I personally feel like this was an unnecessary book. After all, we all already know that these previous characters have already had their happy endings and that they are joyfully spending the best time with the loves of their lives, meeting with friends eveery now and then. We all also know that all those couples from the previous books are all destined to get married at one point in time.

I believe I’ve also mentioned that Liz wasn’t my favorite heroine. Therefore, this book being about her and Gavin working on having a baby wasn’t as appealing to me as it would have been if it was Alicia or Jenna being the main arcs for this installment.

I enjoyed it a bit because most of the gang were present, except of course for Gray and Evelyn who had no connection to the Rileys. I also liked reading about Jenna’s wedding. I also liked the part about Nathan having a girlfriend and doing well in college while working on playing football. The big “BUT” is that I completely believe that even if I chose not to read this novella, I would not have missed anything important. Not at all.

This novella is great for the die hard fans who wish to get another glimpse of the lives of the previous couples. Honestly, though, I could care less at this point. I’ve already had my happy ending from them, so I don’t really need to know the things they did just to get pregnant or how Liz panicked at hosting Christmas dinner and all that shit. I’m giving this book 2 red hearts because while fans may love this book to death, it just wasn’t worth it at all for me.




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