Main Characters: Stella Slovinski, Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer

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We met Stella and Trick in Carolina and Drew’s book. Stella is Carolina’s best friend who is a professional dancer with a love-em-leave-em attitude toward love and relationships. Trick, on the other hand, is Drew’s friend and teammate.

We remember that Stella and Trick hit it off from the first moment they met. Stella even left the bar with Trick, leaving Carolina with Drew. We also remember that while Carolina and Drew were fumbling around their relationship, Stella was also having a casual affair with Trick.

I like Stella and Trick. This novella about them shows us different sides to the two of them apart from the one we’ve already seen from Melting The Ice. Here, we learn that Trick has a normal family and grew up as normal as they come. We also finally learn why Stella was so wary when it comes to relationships.

The only thing is that while I enjoyed reading this, I found it unnecessary, like the other holiday novella from last year that featured all the previous Riley characters. I feel like the happy ending angle for Stella and Drew could have just been included as a short side story in Carolina and Drew’s story. I’m sure fans will still love this book because, hey, any book on this series is hot and entertaining, anyway.

I’m going to give this short novella three red hearts because while I feel that it was not necessary, it was still quite enjoyable. There were hot scenes, and there were also parts where I got so annoyed at Stella that I just wanted to smack her with anything I could get my hands into. So, really, it was great all in all because it delivered steam, emotion, and great girl talk, all of these are familiar ingredients in the entire series.




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