Main Characters: Vera Miles, Mateo Casalles

Contemporary RomanceSweet Love



“I stand up and then scoop her into in my arms like I’m some kind of hero. Only I’m no hero. I’m just a man in love. Though there’s never been anything more courageous than loving someone.”


When I read the first book, I found myself being carried into a roller coaster ride of emotions. It also was a book with a very controversial topic that had people reacting in different ways.

This second book is now written in Mateo’s POV, and while we know that his relationship with Vera started with him cheating on his wife, we no longer get a front row seat of the whole incident happening and coming into full bloom. The book was more about the after effects of the whole scandal.

I am going to give this book the same rating as the first one of five red hearts. While the first book gave me so much more, this book is the reason why I understood Mateo and where he was coming from. It showed me that while they seem to have had their happy ending in the first book, their story was far from over.

I think, in the first book, the reason why a lot of people reacted negatively was the fact that the book seemed to show that cheaters still deserved their happy ever after, even with the trail of tears and broken hearts they left behind. In this book, it showed us that them being together was not a happy ending. It showed us that sometimes, there isn’t a happy ending at all, and that’s okay, because the fact that the story does not end, their love story does not end, is, in itself, already an HEA.

This series has shown us that love is not neat. It is messy. Sometimes, it is selfish. Sometimes, it hurts people, innocent ones. Sometimes, it hurts ourselves. However, their is only one universal truth. It is in our nature, as human beings, to search for love, to aspire for it, to want it, to need it, to fight for it. It is within every one of us to latch on to it, no matter what the consequences. Does it make us sinners? Maybe. Does it make us self-centered assholes who have no regard for other people? Probably. But it also makes us human. It makes all of us human. That is just what we are. We are no better or worse for being that.

In a perfect world, nobody would cheat. Nobody would get cheated on. We will all find that one true love that’s meant for us, and we will all live happily every after. But this is not a perfect world. This is a dark world we live in. The only things that keep it together are love and hope, and sometimes, even those things, aren’t always in the right. Sometimes, we just have to accept that what is right for someone is wrong for someone else, and that’s just how the way things work.

Vera and Mateo have hurt many people. They both know that. They both know that they may pay for their sins for the rest of their lives. However, they are going to stand by each other because they may be sinners, but they are truly in love. And sometimes, that’s all we need to be. Their is no guarantee in this world. Even marriages don’t mean they will last. What we can do is make the most out of the time we have in all our relationships. If they end, let’s move on. If they last, let’s not take it for granted. There is only one thing that that remains the same, human beings will always chase after love, even if it’s the most fleeting one.





“Life doesn’t always hand you things in a neat package. It dollops them out here and there in messy, confusing splatters, and when you see something amazing, you better drop what you’re doing and hold on with two hands .”

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“Life is full of hard choices. I chose you.”


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