Main Characters: Evelyn Hill, Gray Preston

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Gray Preston was introduced in the previous book. I’ve been interested in him since then. There was something mysterious about him, a car racer who has his own team, comes from a wealthy and political family, and is currently not in good terms with his father. Alicia caught on the fact that he was hiding a certain loneliness then. And she was right.

This book introduced a different side to Gray that was sweet and very easy to like. He and his father have held on to their pride for the longest time, but it was obvious that they both cared about each other more than they let on. I liked him also because he only held a grudge when he fully believed that his father did not care. However, when he knew about the heart attack and the things that came after that, he was humble and mature enough to go to his father.

The heroine here, Evelyn, was also very kickass. She’s an achiever, a woman who knew what she wanted and worked hard to get it, kind of like Gray, in a sense. I liked them together. I liked that she was fierce and driven in her career but she was also loyal and gentle outside of work.

I’m giving this book four red hearts as well. I did not think that a story that veered too far from the original Rileys would be a hit. But this book was. Here, we get introduced to a new family, a new set of friends. While there is still a touch of Riley because of Alicia, this book is already dominated by the Prestons.

I also like this book because Gray is a stock car racer. That’s one sport I actually do like reading about. I also liked that we get treated to the fantasy of dating a man lik Gray, with his love for great fast cars and the good life. I really enjoyed this book, just like I did with all the many books in this series.



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