Main Characters: Savannah Brooks, Cole Riley

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Okay, so I like bad boys, but I kind of was disappointed with Cole in this book. I don’t think he was a bad boy at all. I think he ws just a misunderstood sports jock who has been left too long at being comfortable by himself.

I also felt like the book lacked the testosterone level of the previous three books. The thing is, this book was too much “Savannah” and not much Cole. It was Savannah who worked on everything else while all Cole had to do was listen to her. And he wasn’t a bad boy at all, like I already said.

I actually feel a little sorry for him. I personally think there wasn’t anything wrong with him that needed a major change. He was not a playboy who dangled a different woman every night. He may be too harsh with the press, but seriously, how many other celebrities do we know who are worse than him? Also, it is actually true that the press can deliberately provoke a person just so they can have something juicy to write about.

I enjoyed reading it. Nothing has changed, I still love this series. It’s just that I was expecting a real bad boy in Cole. I also couldn’t really relate to his chemistry with Savannah. Also, these scenes where all the women exchange sex stories with each other is starting to get old. Every book since the beginning has a scene or two where either Tara, Liz, or Jenna, or all of them talk about their men and sex lives. We like reading about how they are doing after their respective books, but their conversation seems to be repetitive now.

I am excited to read the fifth book because it seems lik a more challenging one with the hero recovering from an arm injury, and everybody knows that injured athletes may mean saying goodbye to a great career earlier than planned, so I expect there’s going to be lots of tension then. In the meantime, I am giving this third installment three red hearts for its entertainment factor, even if it wasn’t really up there along with the rest.

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