Main Characters: Raine Winston, Diego Montesalto


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“Yes Raine?”

“Do you have any brave left over?”

“Little darlin’, just so happens I been saving up a bunch of brave just for you.”



After a lifetime of uncertainty, Raine Winston shouldn’t be fazed by anything anymore. But she’s terrified. Terrified that her wayward sister, Claire, has gotten into debt dangerously over her head. Terrified that a muscle-clad biker named Diego doesn’t want payment with money—he wants much more. And terrified of the dizzying desire she feels whenever Diego touches her…

Diego Montesalto spends his days raising hell and his nights in the arms of fast, easy women. Tough, tattooed, and used to taking what he wants, he refuses to get emotionally invested in anyone. But he can’t stop thinking about Raine’s sweet smell, striking blue eyes, and quiet determination. She may have the spirit of a warrior, but she needs someone to guide and protect her.

When Raine has no choice but to go on the run, she falls straight into the Hells Saints’ mayhem-filled world…and into Diego’s strong arms. But in a life filled with hard choices, raw lust, and blood-soaked violence, is there room for loyalty…or love?



I really liked the story of this book. Again, I love MC romance novels. It has nothing to do with Sons of Anarchy. It’s just the fact that I like reading about life as outlaws, standing up against social norms and prejudice. I was really eager to get started on this book and get lost in th MC world again.

I find that I am confused as to how I am going to rate this book. The thing is, the base of the plot is really okay. There were a lot of parts in the book that I really liked. For example, those parts of Raine and Claire when they were young were nice. Those parts about Prosper and Claire were very touching. Those parts about the two sisters having no one but each other were also very nice.

I also liked the background about Raine finding home and family in the midst of the club, with her sister, Pinky, Prosper, and Diego. I liked the way she carried on everytime life threw a curveball. When Diego left her and her baby, she remained strong. She even helped in saving Glory. I liked Raine because she was someone who’s had more than her fair share of challenges, but she was still standing strong. I like women who are empowered, and Raine was one of those.

What I questioned, though, was the cruelty of how Diego left her when they learned that she was pregnant. I mean, come on. Sure, he had issues, but those were years and years ago. I cannot even think how she found it in herself to forgive him right away after all the vile, hurtful things he said. Even if they were said at the heat of the moment, they were still enough to break anybody’s heart. I think there may have been some other way for Diego to freak out other than lashing out at a woman who was carrying his child. A grown man, no matter how broken wouldn’t have had a hissy fit like he did. So, on that note, I’m saying that I am wary of Diego. I still fully expect him to fuck up sooner or later.

I also did not like the way the book was written. There were so many POVs. Even the secondary characters had their own POV. I wish it had just been Raine’s POV and, at certain times, Diego’s. I feel like the other POVs were unnecessary to the main plot. I think that if their POVs were taken off, the whole story would stil have remained the same. They did not add to it, so they won’t be taking anything from it if those POVs weren’t included.

I am going to give this book four red hearts because even if there were things in the manner that the book was presented which I would really like to be able to change, it does not alter the fact that I enjoyed the story and I liked Raine and Claire. I am even looking forward to Claire’s book. I believer there is a certain struggle for her to win over with her addiction and her willingness to get clean.




Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Raine Falling

Book 2 – Chasing Claire




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