Main Characters: Haven Briscoe, Trevor Shay

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“You made me face something I should have faced a long time ago. I’m grateful. And I should have never asked you to leave. You don’t ask someone you to love to walk out of your life”


Since this is the eighth book in the series (ninth if you count the novella), I understand that things may not be as great as the previously released books. I was looking forward to this book on Trevor and Haven. I have to say that sadly, it wasn’t as great as I would have liked it to be.

Trevor and Haven were first introduced in Gray and Evelyn’s book. It was Evelyn who sensed that there was something between Trevor and Haven but that something was not necessarily the hearts and flowers kind of thing. Since then, I have already looked forward to their story.

I feel like the relationship between Haven and Trevor was forced. Also, I couldn’t relate to their chemistry at all. I like them individually, but the two of them together weren’t as believable. Haven was okay. Her fighting attitude was very relatable. Anyone who has ever lost a dad or someone we’re close to would understand what she was going through, trying to move on and all that shit even before she was well and ready. That’s common. A lot of people hide their grief and force themselves to move on, thinking that they should get over their grief the moment that everyone else has already seemed to.

Trevor was also a great guy. He has struggled with dyslexia, but he has risen above it and has made a success out of himself, playing pro at not just one but two different sports. I liked that he had people he trusted enough with his money and his career. His relationship with his half brother was also heartwarming.

I am still going to give this book four red hearts for its entertainment factor and hot sex scenes. However, I personally did not love this as much as I have loved the other books that came before. The next four books will now be about the Cassidy brothers who have been mentioned as early as Cole and Savannah’s book. I hope these Cassidy brothers will continue to give us fans and readers the best time we’ve been having th entire series and that these sports brothers will continue burning the pages with their hot love affairs.




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