Main Characters: Tara Lincoln, Michael “Mick” Riley

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“Granted, physical attraction is what gets you in the door. But there has to be something beyond that to want to keep you there.”


I’ve read quite a few Jaci Burton books before, and I can say that I’ve enjoyed reading them. JB always writes great hot sex scenes while still giving readers an entertaining plot.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read any book from the Play by Play series. And had the holiday installment not come out, I would never have made the decision to pick this series up and read it, so I could blog about it this week.

I am actually quite happy that I started the series. I really enjoy contemporary romance, so this one was right up my alley. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to give this book four red hearts. It was really entertaining, and even if the plot was simple and quite overused.

I have a thing for single parents, probably because I grew up with one. I know how difficult teenagers can be, especially a fourteen-year old boy who has never had a father figure in all his life and whose mother was trying everything to be both mom and dad while setting up her career and business as an event planner. I liked Tara. I found her to be real. Her fears were real; her struggles were real, even her anger was real.

I liked Mick too. He was the least jock-y out of all the athletic heroes I’ve encountered in fiction. He was also a great family man who was cool with having teenage boys worship him to the point of crowding on him when he visited the woman he was seeing. It was also cool of him to take a risk of bringin Nathan with him to one of his AA meetings. It showed that he cared about the boy, even if his relationship with Tara was not in a completely committed way yet.

I also like big, rowdy families, so I enjoyed the whole Riley clan. I come from a family where cousins and siblings, aunts and uncles had the right to lecture you anytime you were on your way to self destruction. I didn’t used to like that we were that way. Until I lived far away from all of them. Now, I see families who barely give a shit about each other, and that just makes me sad. I think if anyone should interven in a person’s life, it’s his family. I don’t mean intervene in an exaggerated way, but just enough to let you know that someone is watching out for you and is going to do what they can, so you won’t fall too far.

Anyway, going back to the book, it may have ben too simple and the only spectacular thing most people would find in it might be the sex scenes. However, for me, it was an ejoyable read that, when finished, left me wanting to move on to the next book right away, so I can get to know everyone else and see how they all get their happy ending.



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