Main Characters: Danielle Lexington, Adrian “Shadow” Kingsmen

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The first book wasn’t really that great for me. I liked it, yes. However, there were really some things about the way it was written and planned that disturbed me. The second book, however, was just right for me. I greatly enjoyed this that the one that came before it. I am going to give this book four red hearts because I strongly think that this book had the things that were missing from the first one.

This book shows us Dani returning to her father and the club. It also shows them doubting her very much, and one member even strongly expresses his dislike and distrust in her. Through it all, Bobby has become a great friend, defending her when even Shadow failed to trust her. I liked this book because we now see a more mature Dani. I only liked her a little in the first book because I found her a little bratty who clearly did not know how the other half lived. This time, though, she was stronger, braver, and more independent. She went back to teaching ballet to kids and even tried going on a date.

Shadow started out as an asshole. I mean, if you loved someone, you should trust that person and should be the last one to turn your back on that person. He, however, had a hard time believing Dani, even when her father, Bull, and Bobby were already on her side. It’s kind of understandable because of what Shadow’s life had been. However, he was just stubborn and stupid sometimes. It’s good, though, that he more than made up for it as the book went along.

The reason I liked this book better than the first one was that this was now more about the MC and the life a person has within the club. It wasn’t much of a family drama anymore. It was about the members of the club, how they deal with things and problems, and how they are a family to each other. This is why I love MC romance novels. I like the independent community and extended family that you see within the club. Yes, they have dangerous lives. Then again, that’s exactly how we want our romance novels to be, isn’t it?




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