Main Characters: Alicia Riley, Garrett Scott

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I was excited to read about Alicia and Garrett’s story since it was introduced in the previous book. I just found it very interesting because Alicia is the one who is tasked to help Garrett in recovering from an injury that has stopped him from pitching in the mean time.

I liked it because it seemed very real. Athletes are always in danger of being injured. Moreover an injury can be bad enough to end an athlete’s career earlier than planned. This means that it is expected in this book that Garrett will be an annoying jerk because, hey, it’s not easy to be injured and not be able to play and do something you love.

I liked Alicia because she stood her own. She was able to get Garrett into taking their sessions seriously. She also got him well enugh to pitch again. She inspired him, riled him, and challenged him. She also meshed well with his friends. Also in this book, we are introduced to a new set of characters who will have their own books later on.

Alicia and Garrett had great chemistry. It was obvious from the very first time they had sex that they were connected in a deeper way. However, it was enjoyable and entertaining to read about the things they went through before getting a happy ending.

The only thing I would have liked better was if Garrett had to do more grovelling. He was an ass when he switched therapists without even talking to Alicia, the way a man, an adult man, should have. I would have liked for him to make a bigger gesture than just showing up and sweet-talking her. It was good that he worked things out with his team, so they can date each other without compromising Alicia’s career. Still, I really wanted him to grovel. I would have found it an extremely sweet turn-on.

Oh well, I guess I don’t get to have everything I want after all. No matter. This book was the best turnaround for me, after not enjoying the fourth book in the series. This made me 100% invested again. I’m looking forward to the next book because I’m sure, it’s not going to let me down again.



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