Main Characters: Danielle Lexington, Adrian “Shadow” Kingsmen

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If you know me well enough, you’d know that I have a thing for MC romance novels. I like bikers. I like the fact that they have their own world, their own laws, their own society. I like the social rebellion. I like the in-your-face middle finger that they seem to raise to anybody who doesn’t understand and dares to look down upon their lifestyle.

That being said, it should not be a surprise if I read lots and lots of books with the MC subgenre. I picked this book up because it is the first book of what sounds to be a promising MC romance series. Also, I liked the synopsis that I read. A sheltered girl learns that the father she has never met is the freaking president of a motorcycle club. Add to that, she falls in love with one of the club officers who also happens to have enough darkness in himself to be wary of trusting other people other than the club.

I’m not going to say I was disappointed with this book because it was, in fact, an enjoyable read. However, there were many scenes and instances where the narration sounded immature. I mean, maybe it’s because the heroine is supposed to be only 21 and all that. Sometimes it also seemed to be all over the place. There seemed to be so much drama going on – rival clubs, an unbelievably cruel mother, a hero who likes to inflict emotional pain and play mind games who also had a mother from hell, kidnapping, death threats, and everything else.

I liked the characters, even the secondary ones. I just feel like the plot should have been more substantial. Maybe one or two conflicts would have been better if they were written in a more gripping, compelling, suspenseful way. I wish that instead of giving readers everything all at once, it could have held back in the dramatics and given more page-turning narrative.

Anyway, this is not to say that I did not like the book. Again, it was enjoyable, and I did have a good time reading it. In fact, I read it so fast, so I could move on to the next book right away because I found myself liking the characters really well. I am giving this book three red hearts because I liked it well enough even if there were some things that just weren’t to my taste.




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