Main Characters: Dinah Stacey, Jason Devrel

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Their marriage made a mockery of love.

Her austere guardian, Jason Devrel seemed the epitome of genuine charm. Only Dinah Stacey recognized the menace beneath all the culture and breeding.

On Halloween night, Dinah had opposed her guardian’s heartless plan for her future and had paid severely for her defiance. For Jason had acted not as her guardian but as a man. He had possessed her. Now she was forced to marry him, not for love but for the sake of their unborn child.

Dinah would be free to leave after the birth – if she could leave Jason…and the child!


I’ve enjoyed her other books. However, I find this one not as entertaining.

For one, it’s almost the same theme as some of her works (rich, complex hero and innocent heroine who happens to get impregnated by the hero and is forced to be married to him while they live in a spiteful marriage until they realize the actually love each other). It is a theme that’s getting tired.

However, personal preferences aside, I do have to admit that the characters were consistent. I do not like the heroine, though, because she does seem a little petty (with her big dreams of working at a department store and silly, unstable mind of believing gossipers). I do have a liking for the hero in this novel because he was consistently patient and just enough to be real in a weird sort of way.

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