Main Characters: Hannah Rogers, Alex Sorrento






Love is a risk. If you lose it all, would you dare to risk it twice?

Hannah Rogers is lost: cynical, insecure, and withdrawn. Skeletons forged through a bad breakup that should have been a marriage proposal. Now four years later, Hannah follows her dead-end job to the big city where her only hope is to survive the next eight months as her flirtatious boss’s personal assistant. The last thing her predictable life needs is to collide with the boy responsible for breaking her heart, or the twist of fate that sends a sexy new neighbor to awaken feelings she’s long since put to bed.

Alex Sorrento doesn’t have any room in his life for another pet project. He’s already put aside his career and his personal dreams to follow his half-sister Mackenzie to the big city. Lost in the guilt over the events that nearly took her life, he feels he owes her that much. When Mackenzie befriends the new girl on the second floor, Alex finds himself defenseless against the sizzling chemistry between them and the sadness in her eyes. Can he protect Hannah from her ex without losing his heart?

In this turbulent journey about self-discovery, forgiveness, and love, some second chances aren’t worth taking, but others have their own rewards.


The weight of his body wasn’t suffocating, and the feel of him wasn’t altogether unpleasant, merely foreign. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone in years, not since Jake. She tensed when she thought that name and focused back on Toby. His slow, even breathing was every bit as soothing as the warmth of his lips against her neck.

She didn’t fight her eyelids as they fluttered shut. And for a second, with her mind drifting in sleep and her heart seemingly unprotected, she let herself believe Toby was Jake.

Jake’s smile, the one he reserved only for her, formed so clearly in her mind, the longing to be in his arms so stark that she sighed and snuggled closer.

The sharp ache that came from remembering bloomed in her chest forcing her eyes to pop open. “Toby!” She didn’t mean to elbow him, or to yell.


Starting From Lost is a cute little love story that really is not supposed to be cute. The story started out with the heroine trying so hard to get over her first love, the one who broke her heart beyond repair. I believe we’ve all been there. We’ve all had that guy who was the first to break our hearts.

The heroine, Hannah, was struggling to find her footing, even after years from the breakup. The hero is also a broken man who had issues as well as his own guilt to deal with. He’s a change from most of the heroes I often read. He’s not an alpha male. In fact, he’s atually quiet. However, as a reader, you’d still understand that even through his silence, he is very deep.

This book is about moving on, forgiving youself, forgiving others, and finding what you really want out of your life. The entire book is on the heroine’s journey to self discovery where she also finds love, even if that seemed impossible when the book first started.

The book also shows us that we need friends to get through some of the tough times. We also nee dour family becaus they always have our best interests at heart. I like that the author was able to take me, as a reader, with Hannah in her journey. This is a well written book that new adults should read.





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