Main Characters: Mirelle Brasseur, Bradan Hunt


Adult FictionContemporary RomanceSweet Love




A free-spirited woman…
Eccentric interior designer Mirelle Brasseur is tired of relationships with handsome, charming, fickle men—in other words men just like the father who abandoned her. She’s fun and funky, but takes her career seriously. She’s not about to let a man derail her dreams or wound her heart again.

An ambitious man…
Award winning chef Bradan Hunt is handsome and charming, but he’s always honest with women about his one date-one night rule. Between his best-selling cookbooks, his TV appearances, and his restaurant, he’s too busy for a relationship. He saw what a lack of ambition did to his parents. Bradan wants more. His newest restaurant is going to be the best, so he hires Mirelle to help him design it.

Turn up the heat…
Soon it isn’t just the food sizzling in the kitchen, in spite of Mirelle’s misgivings, as the attraction between the chef and the designer heats up. It will take more than one date-one night for them to overcome their pasts and find a way to cook up a sweet future together.


Maybe I had high expectations, but I couldn’t say that I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t a disappointment, but it also wasn’t a fantastic read. I think the best thing about the book was reading all about food, wine, beer, and chocolate. Reading about the hero spacing out as he though of food and different ways of cooking a rare ingredient was hot in a dorky kind of way.

There pretty much wasn’t anything else that was going on. The conflict wasn’t dramatic. It was just a matter of both the hero and the heroine being stupid cowards who needed to journey into themselves to get their priorities straight. Nothing spectacular. Nothing life-altering.

The heroine’s character was too vaguely described. She was supposed to be free spirited who has daddy issues, amazing at her job, loves to run with her best friend on weekends, volunteers at the animal shelter, and likes cooking but seldom does any at her house. And what was up with the father? The issue was resolved in an insignificant way, I feel like there never was going to be a change in her situation.

The hero was a typical playboy. Typical because I’ve met so many heroes like him. Unfortunately, nothing makes him stand out. All that one-night date rule was nowhere to be found because the only other woman who was mentioned more than once was also not a one-night stand. If you want a real badass player, check out Drew Evans, Emma Chase’s hero in her Tangled series. Now, he was a player.

This is my first book from this author, so I’m a bit disappointed that the first book I read from her was a bit of a let down. Hopefully, I still geto read other books from her in the future. As of now, I’m not crossing her off my list because who knows, the next book might just be my next favorite as well.




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