Main Characters: Angelina Giardano, Marc D’Alessio


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Marc d’Alessio might co-own a private kink club with his fellow military veterans, Adam and Damian, but he keeps all women at a distance. When Marc rescues Angelina Giardano from a disastrous first experience at his club, however, an uncharacteristic attraction leaves him torn between his safe, but lonely world, and a possible future with his angel.

Angelina leaves the club behind only to have her dreams plagued by the Italian angel in a wolf mask who rescued her. When she meets Marc at a bar in her hometown, she can’t shake the feeling she knows him, but has no idea why he reminds her of her angel. While trying to protect Angelina from her abusive ex, though, Marc once again finds her at the Masters at Arms Club where she turns his safe, controlled world upside down.



Getting into this series was a little hard for me. At first, I didn’t even think I’d finish one book from the series. I read Masters At Arms, where the three main male series characters were introduced. I liked all of their stories well enough, but I still feel like they weren’t really hot enough to get me excited. However, becaus I am not one to back away from a challenge, I pushed through and tried to finish the first book.

Anyway, I am surprised to find out that Marc and Angelina’s story was quite an enjoyable one. There were some things that I had issues with, but they were mostly minor. Overall, I liked Marc. He wasn’t a typical dom because women always topped him from the bottom. It meant that he was insecure about his abilities in being a good dom. He feels like he’s being taken advantage of a lot and that was because he wasn’t a very efficient dom. However, I feel that he is exactly the kind of dom that Angelina needs.

Angelina is a woman whose first experience with BDSM was a traumatic one where her partner was just plainly abusive and hid under the mask of being a dom. She was submissive by nature, but because of her experience, she was very reluctant to admit that part of herself. It was good that Marc was a character created to be a dom who wasn’t a complete dom like Adam.

I just didn’t get the triangle between Angelina, Marc, and Luke. It’s not because I don’t like Luke because I like him a lot, and I look forward to reading about him in the future. However, I just couldn’t see the chemistry between him and Angelina. I feel like Angelina was too much into Marc, and Luke would always just be a substitute, and Luke deserved much more than that.

I also didn’t understand all that shit about going on a camping trip. Angelina knew that her ex was dangerous and still out there. He already accosted her once, after all. The decision to really go with Karla and Cassie didn’t show her independence. Rather, it showed her immaturity and stupidity. There’s a difference between standing your ground and just being brainless. I mean, hello, you’re just three women, after all. So what if you were able to beat him once? What if he went after the two women you were with, just to get even with you? See what I mean? At this part of the book, I wish I could bash Angelina’s head harder that all of Marc’s spanks combined.

Anyway, I am going to give this book three red hearts because while I enjoyed it, I never really becam a fan of the heroine, even when the book ended. I can say that she’s okay, but that about it. I can’t see myself gushing over how brave she was or how sweet or adorable and any of that shit. I like this book, but I wish there were some parts of the booked which were polished better.




Reading Order [book-series]

Book 0.5 – Masters At Arms

Book 1 – Nobody’s Angelc

Book 2 – Nobody’s Hero

Book 3 – Nobody’s Perfect

Book 4 – Somebody’s Angel

Book 5 – Nobody’s Lost

Book 6 – Nobody’s Dream




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