Main Characters: Karla Paxton, Adam Montague


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Retired Marine Master Sergeant Adam Montague has battled through four combat zones, but now finds himself retreating from Karla Paxton, who has declared war on his heart. With a significant age difference, he feels he should be her guardian and protector, not her lover. But Karla’s knack for turning up in his bed at inopportune times is killing his resolve to do the right thing. Karla isn’t the young girl he rescued nine years earlier—something his body reminds him of every chance it gets.

Their age difference is only part of the problem. Fifty-year-old Adam has been a collector of lost and vulnerable souls most of his life, but a secret he has run from for more than three decades has kept him emotionally unable to admit love for anyone. Will Karla be able to break through the defenses around his heart and help him put the ghosts from his past to rest? In her all-out war to get Adam to surrender his heart, will the strong-willed Goth singer offer herself as his submissive and, if so, at what cost to herself?



I’ve been to excited to read Adam’s book since the three men were introduced in Masters at Arms. I liked the tragic back story about losing his beloved wife to cancer. I also liked how he was a great leader to his Marines and how he liked rescuing people.

I really enjoyed this book because Adam was really a good man. He takes care of people. His Marines look up to him even if he has already retired. He keeps fighting his feelings for Karla because of their age difference. I mean, even I think that 25 years is way to much of an age difference, but that’s just me.

I also like Karla because for a young lady, she was very mature and strong. She fought for Adam. She was loyal. She was very understanding. She also knew when to give up the fight. When she felt like she had already done everything she could but still couldn’t get Adam to love her, she went home to her parents to give her heart a break.

I like the conflict on Adam’s childhood, coming from an abusive father and thinking that he was the one who killed the man instea of his mom. I also liked how the story was resolved with Adam meeting his mother and his half siblings by accident when he went to follow Karla.

I also liked the creepy conversations he and Karla had with Adam’s dead ex-wife, Joni. It was sweet, even if it was a bit creepy sometimes. I also liked the sex because they were always hot and intense. The BDSM scenes were realistic and convincing. The romance was written in a way that while the end goal was to have Adam and Karla end up together, there were also lots of side stories that needed to be resolved, so the ending would become and extremely great one.




Reading Order [book-series]

Book 0.5 – Masters At Arms

Book 1 – Nobody’s Angelc

Book 2 – Nobody’s Hero

Book 3 – Nobody’s Perfect

Book 4 – Somebody’s Angel

Book 5 – Nobody’s Lost

Book 6 – Nobody’s Dream




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