Main Characters: Sonia Arlington, Callum


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“If I could have wished what I thought was my perfect mate on the wind and had her come back to me in a storm, I could never have come up with anything as exquisite as you.”


One night, Callum is driven into the woods by instinct, an instinct to protect. In the form of wolf, he meets a young human child who he is instantly drawn to in a fierce way he doesn’t quite understand.

Sonia Arlington has lived a lonely life. She has certain abilities that make her strange and she has a rare disease that, if untreated, could kill her. Her father makes her vow that she will never let others discover her abilities. This forces Sonia to stay distant, always guarding against exposure.

Intelligence leaks that Sonia is Callum’s human mate. He is now King of the Werewolves and has war on his hands. He’s forced to claim his mate and integrate Sonia into a world that is strange and frightening.

As Sonia attempts to adjust, Callum attempts to cope with the knowledge that his mate is mortal. He will have her beauty and gentleness only the length of a mortal life making their union unbearably bitter even as Sonia makes it unbelievably sweet.

“Compassion is often mistaken for weakness, when the fact is, there is very little that is more powerful than the courage it takes to give it.”


Once again, let me tell you that I am a Kristen Ashley fan. There is no questioning that. Even if she has some books that I am not going gaga over, I still say that all of her books are entertaining. This book right here is, without a doubt, worthy of the four red hearts that I am going to give it.

First off all, the heroine, Sonia, she is amazing. I love Sonia. With everything she went through, the assasination of her parents, her rare condition, her special abilities, her lonely life, she was still very admirable. The introductory paragraphs about her made me feel sorry because it sounded like a very sad existence. Even so, she was a person who liked making people happy, throwing Christmas parties, giving extraordinary Christmas gifts that everyone loved. I also loved that her character developed as the book went on.

The hero, Callum, wasn’t a king for no reason. Yep. He was a hardcore alpha. The only thing I didn’t like about him was the way he dealt with Desdemona, and he did that in front of Sonia. Everything else about him was hot. I liked how his love for Sonia developed through time. It wasn’t an insta-love factor. There was an insta-chemistry thing, but the real from-the-gut kind of love developed between them in the time that they were together.

The sex scenes were so hot here too. I mean, it was different from the sex scenes between Leah and Lucien (and those were hot as well). I’ve always believed that vampire sex was polished, practiced, enduring. Something like a very passionate performance that was off the charts because, hey, vampires are immortals and have had lots of time and practice. But werewolf sex, on the other hand, was more into instinct, that base human need to fornicate. More. More lustful, basic, like animals. Both are hot but in very different ways.

I’m not sure how this series will end because I can now see that the day of reckoning will all happen in the third book, so I want to read what happens and what The Three will do to beat evil and let goodness win. I hope the final installment will provide a great ending because this series is definitely very different from KA’s usual books.


“The days, I can forget, baby doll. But the nights…” His voice dropped to a hoarse growl, filled with intense feeling. “The nights will be torture knowing I won’t have this for eternity.”




Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Until The Sun Falls From The Sky

Book 2 – With Everything I Am

Book 3 – Wild And Free




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