Main Characters: Jade Broussard, Remy Tremaine






Never mix work and men. This simple rule has given security specialist Jade Broussard busy days and lonely nights. Only that was before utterly gorgeous art dealer Remy Tremaine crawls into her bed, requesting her protective services.

He presents dangerous new territory. She can’t deny the talents of his hands and mouth. Melting the day’s work tensions each night is a guilty–if delicious–pleasure. Yet he sidesteps boundaries, while Jade wrote the rule book. No, it will never work out.

But there is an easy solution: catch the bad guy, save her client’s life then say goodbye. Too bad Remy’s secrets might change Jade’s mind. The question is, will it be for better or worse?



It was not as sizzling as I would have liked, but it was still okay and I had fun reading it.

I also liked the story about art and art thieves. It was a great read all in all.

There’s been a lot of books that deal with this topic. But of course, since it’s a Harlequin line, it’s written in a category romance manner. I still enjoyed, though. I’ve always liked the Harlequin Blaze books because the books vary from too sexy and steamy to the romantic suspense genres.

In this book, the hero and heroine were very compatible and the chemistry was hot. I also liked that neither of them were too much into the other to the point of being dominated the the other person. I also liked the balance between the actual plot and the romance. I’ve read several other books from Wendy Etherington, and I have to say I’ve mostly enjoyed them. She’s a great writer of category romance novels.





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