Main Characters: Julia Van Holden, Rome Demario


Category RomanceVanilla




The memory of that night haunted her.

Julia hated Rome Demario for what he had done to her, but she couldn’t erase him from her thoughts. Because of one brief, passionate moment of revenge he had taken her innocence–and had given her his child.

Rome had succeeded in wrecking her life, and her only hope of piecing it together again was to do as he suggested and marry him.

But what kind of marriage would it be–she hating him, he despising her as much as he desired her?



This book has an outdated theme. Seriously, most women these days no longer have to worry about carrying a man’s child, or of what a man thinks of her when she has gambling debts.

However, I am giving this book three starts because it was written in a way where you can understand where the heroine is coming from. The hero was also portrayed successfully as a complicated man who has learned his life lessons and was dealt a hard hand when he was young.

I don’t always agree with their arguments, but I get what the author wants to relay. The small tokens of wisdom as well from a secondary character is nice and subtle but is not lost in the love story.





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