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I received a reviewer’s copy of this book from Bit’N Tours in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I don’t read many books with heroines who are plus sized. This is kind of refreshing. I am a big girl myself, so I like reading about women who are as real as me. Most books always feature skinny, sexy women or women who have curves, but they never mention just how curvy she is. This book as a heroine who’s pretty heavy.

Of course, she faces the stereotypes and remarks from people. However, she is brave and confident and comfortable with herself. I like that. The hero was a reclusive rockstar, very much unlike his onstage persona. Together, they kind of click. I liked the two of them together right away.

The biggest thing I like the least about this book was that it was too short. Moreover, it ended before something really exciting happened. The only highlight was when the heroine joined the hero and his band on their tour bus as the band’s photographer.

I wish that more things would have happened before they got to the point where the hero asked the heroine to join him and his crew. However, I would still say that I liked this book because of the promise it held. Right now, I just want to read on and see what happens next.




Alpha Rockstar 2


Alpha Rockstar Book Two


She’s taking a chance.

Penelope is on tour with the metal band, Attack Ships on Fire, as the band’s photographer. For the first time in her life, she’s living her dream…But she never expected to fall for Marcus, the band’s lead singer. She doesn’t want to be seen as a groupie there for the band’s pleasure, but maintaining a professional distance with Marcus is nearly impossible with his magnetic personality and killer looks. But is she just a sexual object to him? Or does he want more?

He’s looking for an escape.

As the lead singer and manager for his band, Marcus is constantly inundated with the difficulties of the rock lifestyle, living on the road, and projecting a mask of pure energy representative of his persona within the band. That all changed when he met Penelope, the first genuine person he’s come across in a long time. And though he wishes for her to be treated professionally as the band’s photographer, he can’t resist her curvy figure and witty personality. Can he afford to take off his mask and let her see the person he really is?


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alpha rockstar 3


Alpha Rockstar Book Three


Penelope can sense genuine love developing between her and Marcus, but even as things heat up, there is a coldness on his part, a distance. He won’t speak of his past, and he won’t make plans for the future—unless it’s for his band.

What is going to happen when the tour ends? He lives in L.A. and she lives in Seattle. Will she convince him to plan a future together, or will she be just another casualty of the rock and roll lifestyle?

As strong as her feelings might be, there is only so far that a girl can be pushed…


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