As soon as the door shuts, I feel Nicholas’ eyes burning holes into the back of my skull. The air inside the elevator feels paper-thin. The claustrophobia sets in. It’s strange the way his presence affects me. Only moments before I felt fine riding up the elevator, but now I can barely breathe. The elevator pings, letting us know that we’ve reached the top floor. The doors rush open and a blast of cold hits me. It’s always so cold up here. Nicholas steps out and casually tosses his jacket on a nearby chair.

He disappears for a moment and returns with a glass and a bottle of scotch. He sets the glass on his desk and pours the amber liquid. I watch mesmerized as he tips it back and then sets the bottle and glass down, never taking his eyes off me. I’m starting to think he might have a drinking problem.

“What’s your problem, Gellar?” he asks sharply, wiping his lips of scotch.

You. I bite my tongue, knowing I’ll only make this situation worse.

“Why the fuck did you ignore my texts?”

I can’t speak. I don’t even know what I would say if I could find the nerve to move my lips and form words. My body instinctively backs away as he stalks over to me. In one swift motion, he corners me against the wall with one hand. He leans in to me and I can’t help but drown in the spicy scent of wood and cinnamon. My cheeks flush as his erection grinds into my stomach. A warm sensation fills my lower half. I look away, embarrassed at the sound of my panting. What is he doing to me? Is this my punishment?

“What do you want, Nicholas?” I ask, breathless.

His lips graze my ear as he whispers, “I can’t stop thinking about your tight little ass in those panties.”

He nips the top of my ear and I almost lose control. Who knew an ear could be so sensitive? I moan without warning. His warm lips claim mine as his hands go on an expedition. I resist them at first, trying as hard as I can to get away from his grasp. I’m reminded of Carol’s metaphor. I’m just another fly in his web.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>“What are you doing?” I ask, confused.
“What I’ve wanted to do since Friday.”
Nicholas senses my hesitation as he grabs my wrists and pins

them behind me. I struggle to get free, but his lips crush against the side of my neck, and the sensation instantly makes me forget why I’m fighting so hard. His hands roam up my shirt and around the side of my back, cupping my ass. He lifts me in the air with one arm and I wrap my legs around him, straddling his waist. Desire pulses through me as I run my hands through his hair, pulling it slightly. Without meaning to, we’re crashing into furniture as he carries me over to his desk. His tongue explores my mouth, teasing me into submission. He growls against my lips as I try to pull away for air.

“Shit, woman, you’re driving me crazy,” he murmurs against my lips.

I silence him with kiss as I bite his bottom lip. He groans, pushing his erection harder against me. I watch with lust-driven eyes as he sweeps the documents from his desk to the floor and then sets me on the cold cherry wood desk. My nipples tighten against my shirt as he fumbles for the zipper of my skirt, my heart pounding wildly as Nicholas unzips it.

Something inside me ignites. There’s no turning back now. I want him. I’ve never wanted anyone this much. I know this is stupid, but I can’t stop myself. I’m about to have sex with Nicholas StoneHaven, my boss, and the very man I said would be the last man on earth that I would ever be with. If Carol could see us now, she’d be yelling I told you so.

“I’m going to make you remember this,” he whispers, kissing my neck. “You’ll be thinking about it all day…” He pushes me back onto the desk and positions himself between my hips, slipping his hand up my plaid skirt. “You’ll think about me when you’re at your desk,” he says, running his fingers up my thigh and pushing my panties down. “When you’re in the shower…” His fingers slide into me. “When you’re in bed…” I gasp as his thumb rubs my already aroused bud. “When you’re touching yourself,” he says, growling. “I’m going to make you forget everyone who came before me. But first, I’m going to make you come.”

Nicholas kneels in front of me, and I can feel my heart palpitate at the sight of him so close to my center. “I want you to watch me,” he whispers, staring straight into my eyes. He pulls me to him and then lowers his mouth against me. A rush of pleasure flows through me as his warm mouth encircles me. It feels like heaven. I gasp in pleasure as he starts to suck and nibble.

“Don’t stop,” I beg, shifting my hips up to him.

Nicholas lifts his head and smiles. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”




I received a reviewer’s copy of this book from Indie Sage PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I went into this book with no expectations whatsoever because I have never read anything from Vanessa Booke before. Fortunately for me, it was such a good and enjoyable book that it was worth all my time spent. The premise of a billionaire playboy falling in love with an ordinary girl has been used and abused so many times. However, you’ll have to leave a space for this book as well. Its theme may be too common these days, but the entire story of Rebecca and Nicholas is both hot and sweet, you really have to read it and enjoy.

The only thing that I found difficult to believe was was happened when the hero and heroine first met each other on the plane going to New York. I mean, I’m sure it was just to emphasize how connected they are to each other. However, the events on that scene were a little too unbelievable for me.

I also wish that it did not end abruptly. Don’t get me wrong. I like the last few scenes in the book. I just wish there were a few more scenes after that. I wanted to know what happens next to Rebecca and Nicholas.

This book also has a few teasers regarding Nick’s sister and his best friend. Their story will be told in the next two books of the author’s Millionaire’s Row series. I am looking forward to the next several books that are lined up because I find that I’m already hooked to the characters that Miss Booke introduced me to.

Bound To You is a book that even if the plot has been reused and recycled many times, it will still sound refreshing and will leave you feeling like you’ve just read your favorite fairy tale.


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