Main Characters: Priscilla Bauer, Michael Frost





Walking into the bathroom, he went right up to the mirror and looked himself in the eye—and that’s when he knew.

It was already too late. Too late to try talking himself out of pursuing her. She had left him aching, craving much more of her company.

And although they had been together since high school, he didn’t feel this way about Amber—and now he could see that he never had. Raw and exciting passion was a definite first for Michael Frost.

But how did you break up with the girl you lived with? Did you just leave? And when would he tell her? Where would he go? And what if things didn’t work out with Priscilla Bauer—would he want to come back to Amber?

These questions strained him, but still they were no match for the unforgettable evening he’d had at Emerald Leas: The soulful music that had scored the occasion. The profound love she had clearly had for her grandmother. Her palpable grief. The formidable efforts she’d made to smile and graciously accept condolences from her guests.

Not to mention the unforgettable hours they had spent together in her bed.

Despite everything, Michael smiled ear-to-ear as he stepped into the shower reliving every moment. More than anything else in the world, he wanted to learn more about Priscilla Bauer and he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of that. The mere idea of seeing her again excited him and made him feel happier than he’d felt in years, since he was a young boy.

The pulsing hot water hitting his back felt amazing, almost therapeutic, so Michael stood under the spray longer than usual, allowing himself this time alone to think. He realized that he’d been feeling this change coming for over a year now—a vague unhappiness that meeting another woman had exposed, in high definition.




I received a reviewer’s copy of this book from Lola’s Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

Raindrops and Roses starts out as a romance novel. We have the heroine who just lost her beloved grandmother, one who is a famous celebrity. The heroine meets the hero, whose father owns the company contracted by the heroine’s grandmother. They have sex on the night of the funeral. The next day, the hero goes home to his fiance whom he has been with since high school.

Then the love triangle begins, with the hero bouncing to and from the heroine to his fiance. This is probably the thing I did not like the most about the hero. I’ve read books where the heroes cheated, but Michael Frost here was just a big jerk. First he plans on breaking up with his girlfriend because of the heroine. Then he breaks up with the heroine instead. Then he breaks up with the girlfriend for real this time.

After all of those things happening, this is when the story moves from simple romance to romantic suspense. Toward the ending, any reader would know that there will be weir, scary things that are bound to happen in the next installments. I truly did not fall in love with the hero. The heroine was not that much better too. I won’t spoil the ending for the others, but when I finished the book, I immediately wished I’d know right away what’s going to happen next.

Raindrops On Roses is a romance novel that subtly transitions into a suspense novel without the reader realizing that things were already getting exciting. The author has successfully written a progressive book that doesn’t just focus on one genre but is able to move toward edgier tones that opens up more possibilities than you can imagine when you first pick this book up. That’s why I’m rating this book three red hearts instead of something lower.


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