Excerpt from The Biker’s Librarian © Shyla Colt
“Take a walk with me,” Shooter said
guiding her away from the noisy clusters of people nearby and out onto the
trail. With the rich green of the forest broken up by wildflowers it had the
potential for romance, if only the air between them wasn’t strained by stress
so thick it rivaled taffy. “We choose to live this way and expect to be able to
do so freely. That’s what Moose meant back there. I know it’s a lot to take in,
and I‘d be stupid to not consider that this may not be for you. All I ask is
you keep an open mind and keep your judgments to yourself.”
“Who said I was judging?”
“Aren’t you?”
“I’m trying to wrap my head around
it everything. It’s like I walked into Oz or something. The people I know don’t
live like this.” Confusion shone bright in her eyes.
“You want me to take you home?”
“No, I want you to explain why I’m
here in the first place. I’m not your kind of girl.”
“Maybe that’s why? You’re the kind
of girl I used to go for once upon a time. I thought I was over with that, but
then you come along and fill my mind with what ifs. I’m not a man who believes
in regret, so I took a shot and went for it. I’m not going to treat you like
one of the biker bunnies, if that’s what you’re worried about. I do know how to
treat a woman.”
“I know. That’s the problem.” She
huffed. “You’re like two men in one body. The biker whose large, intimidating,
and most definitely dangerous, but there’s also the man who holds open my door,
puts his hand on the small of my back when we walk and for some God awful reason,
makes me feel safe. It’s been a long time since I felt that way with a man.”
“You can have both parts of me, but
you can’t have one without the other.”
“I know.” She glanced down. “ But
I’m not sure I’m equipped for this lifestyle.”
“That’s for you to decide.” He
placed a finger under her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. “I’m not going
to be strung along so I suggest you figure it out fast. I’m going to ask you
again. Should I take you home?”
Two heart beats passed.
“No, I don’t want you to take me
home. I want to stay.”
He grinned. “Then relax, and enjoy
yourself. I want to show you what life is like when you’re with me.”
“I get the feeling it’s going to be
one hell of a ride with you, biker.” She tilted her head back and flashes an
almost shy smile.
“I think you can learn to love the
walk on the wild side librarian.” She leaned forward and he bent down capturing
her full lips. He thrust his tongue inside her mouth and moaned at the taste of
her. She was lightness, sweetness, and sunshine, a ray of purity in his dark
world. His soul rejoiced. His jeans grew tight. He deepened the kiss, seeking
more of the soul nourishing vibrations she offered freely. He slid his hand
down her back and cupped her thick ass. She gasped. He swallowed the sound greedy
for more of the woman who made him feel. His soul ignited and he knew in his
gut he wouldn’t be able to let her walk away. He wanted to explore the
connection that existed between him. The intensity of her lure was so strong
he’d broken his rule about getting close and hadn’t’ looked back.
She pressed her hips against his,
gripping the edges of his cut. They moved their heads this way and that,
exploring. His dick turned to granite. She rocked her hips and he pulled away,
sucking in air.


“Unless you want me to lay you down
here and now I think we’d better stop.”

I received a reviewer’s copy of this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.I’ve always been a fan of MC romance novels. If you follow my blog, you’d know that because I always have MC novels reviewed and I’ve been saying how much a fan I am of the subgenre. That being said, I feel like this book wasn’t really an MC novel. It was a book that featured a biker hero and mentioned his club, his biker friends, and their club prez.Don’t get me wrong. I liked the book. It just wasn’t the same dark, intense novel I’ve come to expect from my MC novels. I would still recommend the book, especially to fans of biker romance but don’t want to have to deal with the dark, complicated world where sex, drugs, arms dealing and all those other questionable things are given lots of exposure.

The Biker’s Librarian, while it is a biker romance, focuses more on the romance and the conflict instead of the darker side of the subculture. Ladies with fainter hearts and prefer their heroes to be heroes will truly enjoy this book. While it wasn’t what I would have loved in an MC romance novel, it was well worth the time I spent reading about Juliette and Shooter.


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