This book was surprisingly sweet. I seriously thought it was going to be taboo and all that. However, it focused more on the hero and the heroine’s individual characters rather then the fact that they were step siblings. Yes, it kept on being repeated over and over in the book that they were step siblings; however, the point is moot because they never had a chance to develop a brother and sister relationship.If they both grew up together and grew up as brothers and sisters and then one day fall in love with each other, that would have been more taboo for me. In this book, though, they were already attracted to each other the moment they met. So really, it’s no surprise that their feelings would only grow from there. What’s that they say about love? The more you try to supress it, the deeper it grows.The only thing I would have changed in the book was the fact that there was only one great conflict – them being step siblings. The heroine spent the entire length of the book bouncing back and forth between love and guilt; it was almost getting old. The hero was the only one who kept pursuing the relationship.

I liked the book enough to give it three red hearts, but I do wish that the heroine could have had more of a backbone and fighting spirit. Instead, she always waited for the hero to be the one to run after her. Seriously, heroines should be able to slay their own dragons these days. Aside from that, though, this book is sweet and romantic and is perfect for lazy afternoon reading while enjoying a glass of your favorite drink.


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