Main Characters: Austin Campbell, Brett Tanner





I am going to rate this book three red hearts. It was a good enough read with a simple love story and a lot of sex. And by a lot, I mean lots and lots of sex. Seriously. I believe that there was always something sexy going on between the hero and the heroine in every scene.

The plot is actually quite simple. I couldn’t even determine if it was going anywhere at all. This is supposed to be a sequel but it could very well stand on its own because there wasn’t any cliffhangers from the previous book that went on to continue in this book. I liked the heroine because she was a dirty little lady who liked and enjoyed sex and wrote about sex and lived a sex-filled life. She is also very loyal and she deeply loved the hero.

The hero is your typical male. Yes, they feel deeply, but every now and then, they screw things up, and it’s always up to the heroine to be the bigger, more forgiving person. It was really a simple story, one which I would have liked to have been a short and fast read instead of it being a full novel. However, it was okay and I liked it and even hurried in finishing the book, so I have to say that I believe many people will truly like this book and enjoy the super hot sex scenes that come plenty in here.




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