This collection of novellas from Jade Kerrion offers a whole meal of sweet, passionate and enduring love. The four novellas featured in this collection are all about love, in very different love stories.

Aroused is indeed well-rounded. There’s the single mom who works as a volunteer doctor and falls in love with a handsome male model who she thought was a male escort. It was heartwarming, the way the hero and the heroine formed a family. Things did not become perfect right away, but they had each other, and it was obvious that they were truly meant to be.

Betrayed is a cute story about a heroine who knows what she wants and is human enough to make mistakes. However, she is also mature enough to own up to them and fight for the man she loves. The hero is a bit frustrating sometimes, but he is a nice person who is both loyal and protective.

Crushed is a sad story about a hero and a heroine who lost someone who was important to both of them. It was also a story about family, forgiveness and moving on. Most of all, it was a story about love and the compromises that you have to make, decisions you have to look into, and priorities you have to set.

Desired is a story that both infuriated me as well as made me want to slap the heroine in the face so hard her head would do a 360. The best part of this story was the hero who had determination and faith and knew how to fight and when to stop.

I’ve truly enjoyed all the stories in this compilation. I admire the author for having created these characters who were all so real, I swear they’d jump off the pages any second. Not a single story sounded repetitive or similar. All four of them were unique and written with such grace. This is one of my favorite works this year.


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