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I think this second book in Joanne Rock’s Heartache series is even sweeter than the first one. I mean, I truly liked Nina and Mack’s love story. However, Erin and Remy were just so right for each other, it’s difficult not to rate them higher than the other book.

Erin was such a great girl. She was fierce, confident, and helpful. She was also fighter who knows what she wants and works on getting it. Remy is a mess. However, he was sweet and him being a mess was completely understandalbe, after the things that he and his daughter went through.

Like the first book, there are still two subplots that happens simultaneously. First is the marriage problems between Bethany and her husband, who also happens to be Erin’s brother. In this book, though, things are starting to look promising for them. The other subplot is that of Remy’s daughter and a boy she likes who is also in love with her.

One of the things I loved about the first book was the fact that a lot of things were happening at the same time. It’s the same for this book. The scenes were not always of the hero and heroine. A lot of scenes only had the main character and other secondary characters. I love that is this book, we get the whole package of an entire small town that’s bonded together in many different ways.

Nights Under The Tennessee Stars is a book that’s worth checking out. For fans of category romance and Harlequin books, this series is one of the best ones from their Super Romance line. It’s really a good story that’s not just about love but also about letting go, cleaning up your life and moving on.






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Book 1 – Promises Under The Peach Tree

Book 2 – Nights Under The Tennessee Stars






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