Main Characters: Kasey Wilson, Joseph Mitchell






What happens when you take a chance one night … make a decision that will change your life forever?

Kasey Wilson, the girl next door, had a crush on the boy next door … Joseph Mitchell was that boy.

Kasey was left with the consequences of her decision when Joseph left her behind, leaving for the Marine Corps. She never thought she would see Joseph again, leaving her to continue on with her life, moving forward.

But fate has a way of intervening …

Joseph Mitchell always lived with the regret of walking away that night, never to see Kasey again. Finally ready to settle down, he’s now engaged to someone else. But when he finds Kasey again, he learns of a secret she’s been keeping, a secret that will change both their lives forever.

Can they finally have the relationship they never had? Or will Joseph be forced to walk away again?


I received a copy of this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

The book sounds complicated because of the plot, but it was actually a fast read for me. There were parts of the book that were sweet, and there were also parts that I liked the least. Honestly, the premise of this book is already very common. I don’t remember how many books I’ve read in the past where the story is highly similar to With Me. However, romance novels never get old for me, so I still liked this book.

I like the second chance themes because I’ve always agreed that love is sweeter the second time around, especially if it’s the right one for you. I believe that whatever issues you’ve had the first time around, you are now mature enough to see through them this time. I wouldn’t call this book a true second chance romance because, the way I see it, they never got a proper first chance anyway.

I liked this book because of Kasey. I think that for a girl who got sent away by her parents, was forced to endure her pregnancy and delivery on her own, and raised her child alone, she was an admirable character. Joseph is her weakness, so I will forgive her lapses when it came to him because, hey, we all have those.

What I couldn’t like was Joseph and the way he juggled two women at the same time. I won’t explain things in details, but I strongly feel there was a better way that his character could have handled his situation better. I enjoyed the ending because both characters have shown growth and development, so overall, I am a happy reader.





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