Title: Forever Changed by Love
Series: A Creekside Falls Novel #2
Author: Kristin Hoepfl
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 17, 2014
Despite Taylor Dugan’s best efforts, her brief “relationship” with Jake Conners never really got off the ground—and it seemed like one of them would get hurt no matter what.
Since then she and Jake have done their best to avoid each other. An impossible feat when you live in a small town and even more impossible when your best friends just got married.
After a year of emotional ups and downs, they can’t deny the sparks any longer. But when past emotions and challenges stand in the way, can they learn to let love conquer all?
I received a copy of this book from Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s release promotions.I always find contemporary romance entertaining. It’s my favorite genre out of all things romance. I just like the fact that the characters are not scientifically enhanced robots or paranormally indefinabl vampires. Not that I don’t love other genres. It’s just that reading about characters who are relatable is so much more enjoyable for me.

This book bursts of real characters. The hero and the heroine both had issues on their own to fix for them to find their happy ending with each other. I liked how the conflicts were resolved in this book. We are all fans of happy endings, and there is no doubt that the hero and heroine in this book had a happy ending that was a long time coming.

I also liked the secondary characters that I was introduced to. The two best friends, Elle and Trevor, who had their own book in the first installment, were really great characters. I guess the only complaint I have is that everything was laid out for me. There was no place for me to just conclude things on my own. The first few chapters were boring, sort of. But when I kept on, that’s when it started to become entertaining.

All in all, this is already a good book, considering that the author is a new one. I hope that her writing will only get better moving forward because I believe that with her plots and storylines, she will definitely be a name to watch out for.

Forever Changed by Love Excerpt © Kristin Hoepfl 2015

Once they pulled into the parking lot, Jake helped Taylor from the truck and went around to the back. He pulled out a basket and a duffle bag, leaving Taylor completely unsure of what was to come.

“Come on follow me,” Jake said as he walked towards the one path that lead up a small hill.

“Okay,” Taylor said walking behind him, admiring his nice ass.

Jake stopped at a flat landing atop the hill to put the things down; he noticed they were alone, which fit his plan perfectly; he wanted them to have some privacy. He set the basket down and opened the duffel to pull out a blanket for them to sit on and another if they needed it and sweatshirts in case they got cold. Once the blanket was down he started to unpack the basket while Taylor was taking in the view. He was nervous; he didn’t typically feel nerves but somehow this had him fighting them off. Jake had never done anything like this for any woman and didn’t know how Taylor would like it. He thought she’d love it and by her facial expressions she was pleased, but still…. Plus, he’d never bared himself to anyone like he did to her. He shared little tidbits throughout their relationship and more so that night after the diner but tonight he planned to tell her more. Hopefully she didn’t turn her back on him and leave him shattered.

“This is gorgeous; I love it, thanks for picking this place,” Taylor said turning around to see the picnic that Jake had set up when she wasn’t looking.

“Wow! You’re pulling out the stops aren’t you?”

“You like it?” Jake asked apprehensively.

“I love it,” Taylor answered as she sat down pulling him down along with her. She gave him a quick kiss before pulling away, “So what are we eating?”

“Homemade chicken tacos and guacamole,” He said as he finished pulling the food out of the basket. Jake grabbed them both bottles of water.

“I love those, how did you know?”

“A friend told me.” He said with a smile.

“A friend huh?”

“Wait, did you say homemade?”

“Yeah, I had a little help, but they’re homemade, except for the taco shells of course.”

“You made this?” Taylor said smiling brightly; her voice was laced with astonishment. “You cooked for me?”

“I did, with Elle’s help and supervision. I hope you like it.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I’ll love it. You went to so much trouble.” She leaned over for a quick kiss. “Okay let’s try one of these tacos.”

They made their tacos and started eating just as the sun was setting; it looked gorgeous and made for a hell of an ambiance.

“These are messy but yummy; you did a good job. And you said you couldn’t cook.” Taylor said around a mouthful of taco.

“I hate to brag, but they are good; I’m impressed myself. Elle is getting a big thank you.”

“When did she help you with this?”

“Last night, she came to my place.”

“So that’s where she was. When I called their house, Trevor said she was out and when I said I needed to ask her something he evaded the question. You three are sneaky.”

“It was all for the surprise.”

“Well I love it. Getting here in time for the sunset was pretty smart too, Mr. Conners. It looks beautiful.” Taylor said as she scooted closer to Jake.

“I’m glad you love it. The sunset’s not the only beautiful thing around here.” Jake said as he scooted closer to her. He knew it was a cheesy line, but it was true so the hell with it.

Kristin Hoepfl holds a BA in psychology for business and currently lives just outside of Philadelphia. Her love for reading blossomed into a desire to write her own stories, beginning with her debut romance series ‘A Creekside Falls’; in which Forever Changed by Love is book two.
She enjoys interacting with her readers through e-mail, so send your comments and questions to her at author.khoepfl@gmail.com or her blog kristinhoepfl.blogspot.com. For other social media links and to keep up with her current writing projects at www.KristinHoepfl.com.

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