Braelynn Wolf is focused on two things: work and law school.

That is how she survives.
That is how she’ll make a difference.

Until she meets HIM.

Peyton Haas is sexy, dangerous, and forbidden. The defense attorney on Braelynn’s first legal case is the only man who can cloud her judgment. Unable to stay away, she finds herself lying to everyone around her so she can spend time with the man who makes her feel things she never felt before—things she never dreamed possible.

With the legal case hanging on a thread, can Braelynn ignore the relationship she has built with Peyton?

Or will she succumb to the man who has the power to throw away her future?


I received a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

This dirty talking hero was a bit difficult to love. I mean, her started off as a jerk and his redeeming qualities did not come out until later. I ended up liking him a lot towards the end, but I still have to say, it took me awhile to get there.

The heroine was a lot easier to love. There’s really something that I always like about women who work hard to be independent and balance their careers as well as their personal lived. And she did not have it easy. And the hero did not make things easier.

Consensual is a good story. It may have several issues that may or may not turn other readers off. However, since I’m made of sterner stuff, I just enjoyed it all the more. This book , amidst the strong sexual scenes is actually still all about that all-encompassing emotion called love and how it can change the course of one’s life, regardless of future or history.

This book is a first in the series, and it is a very good beginning that gives us a great introduction to the characters and a wonderful insight of them as people. With the book’s twists and turns, the author has woven an amazing story inside one hell of a steamy package.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Consensual

Book 2 – Coherent



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