I vow. I crave. I give in.

I used to be a nice, normal girl. I had dreams. Good, happy dreams of a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever. Nobody ever warned me that sometimes, the prince dies three weeks before the wedding.

Like any addict, I swear this time is the last….

Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okay, and the people in my life pretend to believe me. But, sometimes, when I can no longer stand the craving, I roam an underground sex club looking for my next hit. It’s dirty and wrong, but I can’t stop, and my only line of defense between them and me, is the rules I’ve designed to keep me safe. The men always abide by my rules. Until I meet him.

And, like any addict, I’m wrong.

I don’t question the instincts that tell me to run. One look at him, standing there, power radiating off him in waves, tells me all I need to know. He will make me crave those happy dreams I’ve left behind. And that is not an option.




I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest

For a BDSM book, this book rated somewhere in the middle. The sex scenes were great, hot, rough, sexy. However, there wasn’t much being invested in the establishment of the dynamics of a BDSM relationship. It felt like a dip in the pool, deep enough, but not really a spectacular dive.

I liked this book, but I found the plot to be too simple. There wasn’t much that happened. At times, I rooted for the heroine and her dead fiance instead of the hero. I felt like her previous relationship had more promise than the one she has with the hero. I mean, I also liked the hero and the heroine together, but it felt like there wasn’t much that happened yet to make their bond deeper.

Anyway, regardless of the things I found were lacking, I still definitely enjoyed this book. That’s not surprising because I love books the hotter they are. This book is scorching, that goes without saying. I may have a complaint or two, but all in all, I liked it, and I devoured every page.

For the good parts, though, this book is really hot. If you like erotica or dark stories with main characters who are having an internal suffering, then, you’ll love this book. It has all the elements needed for a successful erotic romance where the sex scenes are so hot you can literally feel the pages of the book set itself on fire.




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